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Safety is a value

Xervo is a manufacturer of complete lifeboat and rescue boat systems for ships, rigs, and special vessels mainly within the offshore segment.

We have set out to re-invent lifesaving which has led to a series of innovative products such as the Boat-In-A-Box™ davit and the Drop-In-Ball™ hook system.

In everything we do safety is on our minds, from initial product design & production to commissioning, training, and service. For instance we include risk analysis already in the design stage of product development and with engineering and production based on one and the same location our engineers and project managers spend time in the production on a daily basis to check and optimize quality.

Only if all elements in the product life-cycle are mastered can we provide a difference to the end-user, which is the essence of the Xervo mission - Safety is a value.

  • April 2015

    Successful replacement of lifeboat systems on the Maersk Innovator

    Davit manufacturer Xervo is setting new standards for the retrofitting of safety equipment. The company recently replaced two lifeboat systems on the Maersk Innovator while the rig was fully operational.  Careful planning and innovative solutions kept costs low.

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Safety is a value


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